Photographing your love story is what I was made for. There's just something so magical about a wedding that I can't help but swoon over. My philosophy is rather simple. I take beautiful photos for you to remember your special day; the moments and looks that you'll want to cherish forever. The ones that you'll frame in your home for years to come. But more importantly, I want to be your friend, your confidant, your number one hype girl, and someone to rely on during the busy hustle and bustle of your wedding day. I value connections and relationships above all else! I value you! 



During the hustle and bustle of planning your wedding, your engagement session is a reflective time to simply relax and enjoy the moment. A time for just the two of you to adventure around your favorite location together getting photographed by yours truly! Engagement sessions are $400. Contact me for more details about your styled engagement!

This is the most important day of your lives and you deserve a wedding photographer that thinks your love story is as magical and special as you do. It would be an honor to celebrate this most special day with you and your loved ones. Most couples on average invest $3,600 for weddings.

As much as I love photographing weddings and love stories, I knew I was also called for much more. From senior portraits to families, and many things in between. I love photographing the aspect of your life that you need captured. Portraits starting at $350.







Hi there! I'm Kristen Camielle! I'm a fine art photographer located in heart of central Virginia, good ol'  Charlottesville! I have the passion for creating art that makes your heart flutter! I picked up my first camera years ago and knew there was something magical about what can be captured throughout life’s unforgettable moments. My images have been described as romantic, whimsical, and timeless. I love capturing the real moments while adding a little touch of fairytale bliss! As much as you'll find me photographing, my other hobbies consist of traveling somewhere new, hiking, snowboarding, and just adventuring through this wild life with my husband and pup! 


If you were to ask me my favorite place that I've traveled to, I'd probably take a full day to answer. Throughout my lifetime I have been so fortunate to see just how small I am in this giant world filled with breathtaking views and wildly inspiring people. Currently, my favorite getaway is Ireland, but Scotland is up next year and I think I'm doomed haha! I'm always looking for new adventures across the globe and across the US! Seeing the world, experiencing new cultures, and making connections is how I thrive! Next up is France, Switzerland, and Belgium! If you're planning a destination wedding, elopement or session, I'm passport ready! I would absolutely love to chat with you about your destination vision; and I'd love even more to be your photographer! 

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I figured I should introduce my other half on here! This is my husband, Josh. We met and started dating when I was still in high school, BUT fun fact: I
 had a crazy crush on him when I was 13 years old hahaha, SO lucky he didn't meet 13 year old Kristen (and so are you! ;)) In all seriousness though -- Where I'd be without him, I have no clue! We've been married for almost four years now, and we are always ready to conquer what life throws at us. From moving states together, growing up together, and experiencing life together -- this man has awaken a new love in me for this craft. I knew I loved photography and all that it holds dear to begin with, but creating our life together has  manifested within me a new passion for delivering  timeless & life long art for couples throughout the world! 

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"Where do I begin? The moment you meet her, you just know! She is the perfect wedding photographer. Kristen captured so much love on our wedding day through her photographs. She takes the time to get to know you and to know about your love story. We were so incredibly happy with the final product of our engagement photos and wedding photos! So many people-family, friends.. everyone said 'wow the photos are stunning' Kristen is so flexible and easy to work with. She truly has a soul made of sunshine!" -- Hannah & Matt

"It’s hard to know where to start. From the very first time we met Kristen she made us feel like family. She made our wedding day a dream and She’s one of the sweetest humans I’ve ever met and also does AMAZING photos. I was completely confident that she would turn out gorgeous photos and I had no worries. When we shared our photos with family and friends they were floored by how gorgeous they were! I highly recommend her, trust me you won’t be disappointed. Cannot wait to do anniversary photos with her just so we can hang out again :)" - Katie & Dave

"Kristen is a photographer at the TOP OF HER GAME!!! From start to finish, she was prepared, professional, and incredibly personable! We loved working with her. She was very flexible and accommodating with our wishes and delivered many amazing photos in the end. She has a big job, but does not lose the fine touches in the responsibility. Would, and I do, recommend her to anyone seeking a fantastic photographer!" -- Eli & Ben

"Kristen is a wonderful human who happens to be a phenomenal photographer. Kristen poured her heart into every photograph she took of me and my husband. She made us feel so comfortable and kept us laughing throughout the entire day. An absolute joy to be around, Kristen perfectly captured the magical memories and moments of our special day. She has an eye for the most creative and simply beautiful moments, and captures them so perfectly. Kristen is entirely professional and extremely personable, which is why she felt like a part of our family! We highly recommend Kristen for any and all photography needs!!" -- Morgan & Colby